Latvijas Logu un Durvju Ražotāju Asociācija

Information about the Association

LLDRA logoAssociation of Latvian Window and Door Manufacturers (ALWDM) was founded on July 18, 1998.

The aim of the association is to co-ordinate and to ensure the representation of the interests of window and door manufacturing industry in Latvian economy.

The highest judging institution of the association is the general meeting of members, which is held two times a year.

The work of the association is lead by the board, which is elected by the general meeting of members for a period of four years.

The operative action of the association is ensured by the executive board- a hired director and an accountant-secretary.

Within the association have united 42 companies, which manufacture windows, doors and their completing parts or supply them, whose revenues from the basic activities in the last year were approx. 60 mill. € total. Those are professional manufacturing companies, which produce certified high quality production meeting standards with a price responding to these qualities, strictly observing the technological requirements. Already eight years Latvian companies produce windows and doors responding to the standards of economically developed countries. The companies mostly use raw materials and preparations purchased in Germany (meeting the requirements of the quality control system ISO 9000), as well as German production technology. All the production has quality guarantees. The production manufactured by the members of the association meets all the currently valid normative requirements.
The association co-ordinates the co-operation between state institutions and entrepreneurs involved in this industry. Representative of the association participates both in the work of the Mining industry and Building Materials Production expert council established by the Ministry of Economics and the Customs and entrepreneur co-operative council.

The existence and development of ALWDM is oriented towards co-operation with similar organisations abroad to arrange work and manufacture production, that corresponds to international norms and requirements.

Mainstream activities of the association:

  • Education of the society in the field of modern window and door articles
  • Popularisation of qualitative production units and articles
  • Co-operation with state institutions by the development of legislation and industry binding standards
  • Co-operation with kindred and other industries´ civic organisations
  • Qualification improvement of associated members


For information about our members and certificates see our Latvian pages.